Yelp Elite System Analysis

Analysis of who best represents the regular user, the elite or something else?

Credit Card Default detection.

Build a model to predict whether a customer will default on their loan.

Application of Generative Adversarial Networks on Unbalanced Datasets

Questioning existing methods and exploring new applications, the right way to apply GANs on unbalanced datasets?

Chest X-Ray Pneumonia Classification Using ResNet.

The use of ResNet enabled the model to achieve 95% accuracy in classifying the type of pneumonia based on chest x-ray.


  • Queen Mary, University of London (2023-2027) - PhD in Computer Science, Supervised by Shaogang Gong
  • University of Warwick (2022-2023) - MPhil in Computer Science
  • University College London (2020-2021) - MS in Computational Finance, GPA 4.0/4.0, Dean’s List
  • University of Liverpool (2018-2020) - BS in Applied Mathematics, GPA 4.0/4.0
  • Xian Jiao Tong Liverpool University (2016-2018) - BS in Applied Mathematics, GPA 3.6/4.0

Work Experience

Data Scientist, Made in London Media LTD, London, UK

12/2021 - 2022/04

  • Lead the project team in the completion of the company’s regulatory software, focusing on the design of the database and algorithms.
  • Summarised and gave weekly reports on the data from the various departments of the company.
  • Prognosis of expectations for the company’s short and long term strategies.

Software Backend Internship Engineer, Beijing TRS IT Co., Jilin, China

07/2019 — 12/2019

  • Participated in an environmental installation project for the Jilin government.
  • Helped extract, clean, visualise and analyse over 10 million rows of data and give reports.
  • Database management and maintenance

Data Analytics Intern, Jilin Ruiyi Medical Supplies Co. LTD, Jilin, China

12/2018 - 04/2019

  • Lead the project team to complete sales trend analysis, profit analysis of each product line and sales growth analysis of VIP customers by category.
  • Used Machine Learning model to make prediction.
  • The report discussed 156 suppliers, 80 sales customers, more than 100,000 sales data and had a sales value of 530 million in three years.
  • At the AGM in March 2019, that sales analysis provided a clear and effective data basis for the company’s operating decisions and was unanimously praised.

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Data Mining, Feature Engineering, Data visualisation


modern statistical model


Machine Learning, Deep Learning